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Where can I find the prescription details for my varifocal glasses?

You will find this information on your eye prescription form. This document contains all the relevant details for your personal prescription.

Prescription form

An important value, which is often not included in your eye prescription form is the “pupil distance“ (PD). To measure this distance you can print out the Mister Spex ruler

How do I measure my pupil distance?

You can measure your pupil distance yourself. To do this you need to print out our ruler. Print out the page in it's original size and make sure that the ruler is true to scale. To make sure of this you can measure the ruler you printed out against a normal ruler of your own. Make sure the distances between the millimetre lines is correct. Carefully cut out the ruler and fold along the dotted line in the middle .

Place the indented part of the ruler on the bridge of your nose. The ruler should now stay in place on your nose with the “R“ and “L“ corresponding to your right and left eyes.

Stand in front of a mirror and look straight ahead. Now you can read the distance between the middle of the bridge of your nose and your pupils in the reflection of the mirror. Alternatively someone can help you. The distance from left and right can differ.

Please enter the details of the distances in the order form. Under “Enter pupil distance (PD) separately for both eyes“ you can choose the values for “Pupil distance - right“, e.g. 31mm and “Pupil distance - left“, e.g. 31.5mm.

Alternatively you can add both values together and enter this information under “Enter pupil distance (PD) combined for both eyes“ e.g. 62.5mm.

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